History & Life Experience

A product of Sierra Leone, West Africa, Mr. Joseph Hinton, grew up a determined young man, full of tenacity. He apprenticed under a master tailor, in Freetown, Sierra Leone and became exceptionally skillful in his own right. Mr. Hinton's hard work soon paid off, as he later had a lot of time to travel because of his diligence and dedication. He traveled to Las Palmas, Spain, France, and London doing what he loves. His passion had been heightened from his journeys to and from countries where fashion was expressed as a way of life.

In 1987, Mr. Hinton moved to the United States and worked for one of the largest hotel chains in America. At night was when he gave in to his creative side and embellished upon his passion. A few years later his first showroom/boutique was opened and in 1990 he opened a fabric store, where he was one of the prime targets for Atlanta area designers. At this time, Mr. Hinton still created customized garments for clients and celebrities, which won him a Best Designer Award in Atlanta, in 1992. He soon became known for his fine handmade garments, as his clientele base grew rapidly, and his style of work became easily separated from the work of other designers.

Joseph Hinton's distinguished men's apparel has developed the most loyal following of both men and women, who believe in clothing that endure, season after season. His unique process of consultation and coordination of wardrobes set him apart from the traditional men's store. His skills as a professional clothier include studying various body types and sizes, perfecting the ideal of fit, and mastering the dying art of tailoring. Coloring of fabrics and styling to guide each client through their selection of customized garments is his forte, as Mr. Hinton exceeds his clients' expectations.